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Hey there. You’ve made your way to Easol. We’re in the business of businesses.

Our purpose is to enable individuals and teams alike on their entrepreneurial journey based on where they are at and what they need. No two journeys are ever alike, and therefore no two entrepreneurs will require the exact same solution.

This is the essence of Easol – what we provide is a dynamic partnership, tailored just for you.

What We Do

The Easol approach to transformation through innovation.

The Easol Approach

It's your journey

We believe that entrepreneurship isn’t beholden to an idea or a thriving conglomerate, but rather the people that make it possible – in other words, you, wherever you may be on your journey.

Easol plays the supportive role in your story – we’re the party members to your protagonist; the hints to your crossword; the chips to your (possibly vegan) burger. We’re here to help you leverage your unique strengths and fill in any missing pieces you may have, as well as provide guidance and next steps if you’re unsure on how to take your vision to life.

When you work with Easol, our primary mission is to unlock you.


Innovation as a concept has been frequently touted to be a blackbox – the process by which it occurs and its effective utilisations tend to be so heavily obfuscated by its success that it becomes incredibly difficult to replicate – so much so that it seems to be a stroke of genius.

We at Easol firmly believe otherwise. You do not need a “Eureka!” moment to innovate; all you need is the right approach and a grounded process – for which we have delineated and designed our own methodology and model that works. Innovation is a skill that can be learnt and put to use to achieve real transformation and growth, and this is something we coach and provide to our partners.

When you work with Easol, the art of innovation is no longer a blackbox – it is your toolbox.

dynamic partnership

Hiring an unknown in an unfamiliar landscape can be a risky and expensive proposition – not every project is at the stage where committing to a long-term engagement or having time for acclimatisation is feasible. When you inevitably require a key skill-set you do not have access to, you might find yourself caught between a rock and a hard place.

That’s where Easol comes in. Our partner network consists of experts and consultants with specialisations across the spectrum, from high-level (e.g. business strategy, digital transformation) to technical (e.g. software development, UI/UX design) – all with agile working capabilities and the necessary skills and experience to quickly adapt to your project.

When you work with Easol, we connect you with exactly who you need.

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