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Know their story, shape your narrative - build customer intimacy with Zoöid

Why Zoöid

Customer intimacy is one of the three key value disciplines that drive business success (Harvard Business Review). However, building customer intimacy is challenging. 

Building customer intimacy requires intimate knowledge about them. This includes answering questions like: 

This knowledge is usually built from large amounts of research over months (or even years!) and is the foundation for customer strategy. 

But what if you had updated information, insights, and recommended strategy and actions for building customer intimacy – right at your fingertips?

Introducing: Zoöid!


How Zoöid Works

Zooid is a customer intimacy insights and strategy service customised by human expertise and powered by AI automation.

It brings both your sales and marketing functions together to achieve your customer intimacy goals, providing strategic insights and recommended actions for sales and marketing, and sales leads.

These recommended actions and strategic insights built from the analysis of publicly available information, allowing you to do what you need to do without the interruption from having to do research, thus keeping you in the ‘action-state’.

Zooid is a highly-personalised service. The Zooid team works closely with you to ensure that the insights and recommendations provided are relevant to you, and enable you to customise your insights over time through feedback and iteration.

Benefits of Zoöid

If you’re looking for a way to stay in the ‘action-state’ while crafting our customer intimacy strategy, Zoöid will fill the void!

Quality Leads

Work with the Zoöid team to identify the parameters for leads that are relevant to you.

Actionable Insights

Extensive research synthesised into insights you can immediately convert into action.

Real-Time Prompts

Prompts that will enable you to capitalise on opportunities that arise.

Recommended Actions

AI-crafted content to kickstart your sales and marketing activities.

Feedback Loops

The relevance and quality of leads, insights, prompts and actions improve with time through feedback loops.

Bespoke Reporting

No generic platforms. Receive information in the way that works best for you – no login required!

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