The Entrepreneur

When you read the title of this article, you’ve likely already pictured Steve Jobs or Elon Musk, or those like them. Wealthy individuals with a sharp business acumen leading the corporations that shape our market today. While these are certainly the archetypical entrepreneurs who have succeeded in making their mark on the world – today, […]

Game to Innovate

Game to Innovate Hi everyone, RS here. Today’s topic is on one of the things I enjoy reading about and love to implement in my work whenever it’s relevant: Gamification!  Gamification is quite the trendy buzzword in corporate these days, and for good reason – when it works, it really works.   Gamification – A Quick […]

AI and Responsibility

Everyone’s talking about AI these days. Between the legal battles and monetisation for data to facilitate machine learning, the frequent and long-lasting strikes around the globe by workers in an effort to protect their jobs against AI or rights to their attributes from being utilised by AI, the calls for specific legislation pertaining to AI, […]