The Easol Story

Easol exists to liberate people, enabling them to discover their place in the world, and achieve their goals by utilising the forces of innovation, transformation and opportunity.

When asked to describe what inspired me to create Easol, what I hope to accomplish, and what drives me personally to do this, I believe I can do so in terms of two key values:

     1.The individuals I get to collaborate with and cheer on as they accomplish

     2.Those enjoyable, engaging projects that allow me to delve deeply, learn from my study,
        and emotionally connect with the team while attempting something fresh and new

I’ve had the good fortune to work in some of the most fascinating fields over the past ten years through my experiences in corporate settings, starting my own spin-off, working across government, advising start-ups and now starting my own. I have several tales to share about these encounters.

The world is far more fascinating, complex, and intriguing than we have been taught. I make no claim to be an expert in any of the fascinating domains I’ve explored, but my interest have led me to people who had to make some of the most difficult decisions under the most challenging of circumstances, such as UN organisations supporting human rights issues, military personnel making life-or-death decisions, police officers and victims involved in rape and serious sexual offence cases, and alcohol liaison nurses assisting patients who return to the hospital on a regular basis and require more assistance than just treatment for the events of the day. Engineers who want to make a difference and have brilliant solutions for the rail, space, security, and healthcare industries. Doctors who must make daily decisions about whether to cancel surgery for patients, CEOs who must terminate long-time colleagues. Team members that lack confidence but desire to relaunch their careers. Medical specialists who identify diseases post-mortem and are looking for a solution that would allow them to help future generations with early diagnosis.

I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know some of these incredible people; they’re technical, creative, ambitious, fascinating, driven, and go above and beyond. Some of whom are making such significant, challenging, complicated, and frequently no-win decisions. I have discovered new things about the world, about myself, and about what makes innovation and transformation successful through working in these fields and learning about what inspires others, what influences wise judgement, and what facilitates meaningful transformation.

Working in these fields and assisting these individuals has shown me that I am capable of and motivated by ‘breaking out’ these individuals – allowing them to breathe, find their role, and fulfil their purpose using the levers of innovation, transformation, and opportunity to build a career within the framework of a solid and safe team so that they can make choices that actually address the interesting and difficult projects that are significant to me and to Easol today.

I’ve learned over the past few years about the requirements of organisations, the challenges they face, and the help they need to get there. After some thought, I see this in numerous different ways:

     1. The majority of companies I work with don’t understand that an organization’s beauty is
          in its people, not its constraints.

     2. Due to the world’s rapid change, businesses must adjust rapidly and dynamically, which
         is much more difficult than people realise. People frequently depict the future, yet real
        change takes place in the present, within the confines of what is already in place.

     3. Knowing what your own company is, what it does, and what it stands for is crucial.

By creating Easol, I hope to liberate these people, enabling them to discover their place in the world, and achieve their goals by utilising the forces of innovation, transformation and opportunity.

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